Earth Art Bainbridge

explores how art inspires us to understand our impact on the natural world and encourage us to take action on climate change.

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30 days of art + climate = change

Create an art work in response to climate change and contribute to our 30 days blog.

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Earth Art Bainbridge is a program to bring together artists and our community to create a time and space where we can express our thoughts and feelings about climate change through visual art, music, poetry, performance, experience and discussion. It will be held during the month of April, 2016 to coincide with our celebration of Earth Day.

Art reflects where we are as a culture, and it gives us a way to understand and engage with difficult topics. Most of us have engaged with the topic of climate change primarily through facts and figures, by reading articles and hearing news about the science of climate change. It’s a huge topic that’s difficult to grasp intellectually.

By approaching the topic through art, we hope to offer our community a new way to engage with climate change, and to initiate discussions about how we can envision a future living with climate change.

Climate change is the greatest challenge we have ever faced. The artists of the world are beginning to tackle this massive topic, and we’d like to harness the tremendous artistic and intellectual resources we have in our community to do so as well, as a focused program that will offer everyone in the community a way to participate.

Art Workshops

Art workshops offered during and/or prior to April, 2016 to invite the public to create art works in groups, inspired by specific climate change issues.

April 16: Adult Assemblage with Trash and Repurposed Items

Displays and performances

All April (2016), art works will be on display and performed at various venues throughout Bainbridge Island.


Guest presenters and discussion

Opportunities to discuss your response to the art works with community members.

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APRIL, 2016

Earth Art Bainbridge is a community event, with art works being displayed and performed throughout the city of Bainbridge Island during the month of April, 2016.

Experience Earth Art Bainbridge beginning in downtown Winslow. To reach Winslow from the Kitsap Peninsula, take 305 South to Winslow Way and turn right. To reach Winslow from Seattle, take the Bainbridge Island Ferry and turn left. You’ll find parking, restaurants, and information all in Winslow.

221 Winslow Way W # 308, Bainbridge Island, WA, 98110

Earth Art Bainbridge is generously supported by a grant from the Bainbridge Community Foundation. If you would like to help support the project, please donate by clicking the donate button below. Thank you.
What does art have to do with climate change?


Through art, we engage with complex topics.
Through art, we better understand the issues we are facing.
Through art, we inspire a vision of the future.

Your contribution will go towards building the Earth Art Bainbridge program by directly supporting artists and creating opportunities for their work to be shared with the community. Your support of this program will inspire artists and non-artists alike to take action and create the transformations we need to deal with crisis of climate change.

Thank you.